MapTrek - third alpha

 Картография  maptrek trekarta

It took a bit of time to finish data management. At present external GPX/KML sources can be imported into MapTrek (with respect to the modern Android architecture, so only selecting files from Download Manager and mail attachment are available at the moment). Track data and statistics can be viewed, it can be shared (exported) in alternative format. It means that you can export native track to well known format, or share track with anyone else. Waypoints and tracks can be edited in minimal way - name, description and color can be altered. All amendments are automatically saved. Unnecessary data sources can be hidden or permanently removed. In future I plan to add possibility to move waypoints and tracks from one data source to another, but this is not on my important list.

Another great enhancement is location information panel. It now contains action buttons that let you open current location in any other navigation application, enter location coordinates in all supported formats, disable GPS receiver when it is active without quitting from application. I have also reimplemented sunrise/sunset calculation and added information about time zone offset.

From now I am focusing on landscape orientation and tablets support, there is also so much to do there...

P.S. The strange thing is that alpha package was downloaded about a hundred times already but I have not got even a word of response.