Introducing new Android application: MapTrek

 Картография  maptrek trekarta

Long time ago I have started development of Androzic application. That days it was Android 1.6 and OziExplorer maps which I was using for navigation. Since that everything changed. Now Android is totally different, OziExplorer maps for my region are 30 years old and new maps are encoded in new proprietary format. After I have noticed that I didn't use ozf maps for more then a year I decided to write a new application with totally different concept in mind.

After a long planing and research period, on August 26 2015 I started development of MapTrek. It is written with the following concept in mind:

  • Fast vector OSM-based maps
  • Lightweight and modern design
  • Intuitive user interface

As always I am developing it for my personal use as nothing on the market suits my needs. As always I am sharing it with public but now I will not pretend that it is a "project". It is home-made and will stay in that status for the time being. There is also another one change: MapTrek will be a paid application in Android Play Store. Free light version also will be published but later and with some limitations. But MapTrek is an open source GNUv3 application, so you will be able to build it for free. It will be also available free of charge on the home site.

Today, after eight months of development I have a working prototype that I am eager to share. It lucks many of essential features but is usable in general way. Much has to be done before first public release:

  • Tracks management (viewing details, renaming, sharing, removing)
  • Landscape orientation and tablet support
  • Maps download from application
  • Data import from external sources

Until all this will be implemented MapTrek will remain in alpha stage. During this period you can officially get it for free by joining alpha stage testing: I will send you promo code on your request by e-mail. I want to start slow, that's why I currently distribute it only in Australia, Cyprus, Germany, Poland and Russia. But you can download it from the home site from any location. Any issues can be reported on GitHub. And it's worth mentioning that MapTrek is designed for Android 6.0 only!

After I finish with global tasks I will switch to minor problems and bugs fixing. This includes rendering problems, missing functions like unit selection andso on. This will be beta stage. I hope it will not last more than two or three months. All updated on MapTrek development will be published in this blog.

Current state of maps

To implement everything I want I need to create my own maps. But this requires much time and what is worse - money. Thats why for the time being MapTrek uses MapsForge vector maps. There are two versions of maps in this format: original maps that can be downloaded from the project site:, and more detailed maps from OpenAndroMap project:

Until I implement maps downloading from within application you will have to install them by yourself. Download desired maps from one of these sources and (through computer) put them in Internal Storage/Android/data/mobi.maptrek/files/maps.

MapTrek also supports raster tiled maps in sqlite format that can be created by SAS.Planet from virtually any source including satellite maps. Use RMaps format for export. MBTiles format will be also supported shortly.

Special notice for Androzic users

MapTrek is developed according to full Android guidelines. It means that it properly stored data and files. That's why if you uninstall application, all data will be lost! Do not uninstall application if you have any meaningful data in it!

And, sorry, Androzic is dead.